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Jewish War Veterans Department of Wisconsin

Jewish War Veterans of Wisconsin wants to congratulate Jeffrey Sacks of the Department of Illinois on this election to be the next national commander!


Why should I join the Jewish War Veterans of Wisconsin?

You should join if you are a Jewish War Veteran, a family member of a veteran, a local community leader, or a veteran of other faiths. By joining you will help continue a proud tradition of Jewish-American Patriots, ensure that our returning veterans and all who came before them receive the benefits and care which they have earned, and help poor and homeless veterans to assume their rightful place in our community!

How can I join the Jewish War Veterans of Wisconsin?

How can I purchase post caps and Jewish War Vetarns apparel?

Where can I find more veterans events in Wisconsin?

For a listing of events please visit Doc Dentice's Veterans Web Site. For more about Doc see the the TMJ4 video where Doc gets a truck!

How many JWV posts are there in Wisconsin?

There are 3 JWV posts in Wisconsin, all in Milwaukee:

Marsack-Feldman #145

Morris R. Gutten #487

Horenstein-Katz #701